Let’s work together to restore humanity, beginning with ourselves!

The final manifesto of the WYP international session Salamanca 2019 is ready!

“A concrete way to build peace: learning to dialogue and make decisions together.”.

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We are a permanent forum for dialogue where young people from all over the world can share their reflections and concerns, as well as research and present their conclusions worldwide

In order to travel the path of honest reflection, sincere dialogue and listening with others, we must refer to three “constants” of the way of reflecting on the human being: finality, unity, and commitment.
This implies three concrete trends:
– Take thinking to its furthest limit – Seek a unifying model – Vital, personal commitment

The World Youth Parliament emerged in 1981, after a conference given by Fernando Rielo (1923-2004) at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City

Start with the workbook for this year’s edition, available in the documents section above. You can contact the nearest WYP Office to join a group. Courses on this year’s topic are also given in schools and universities. There are also seminars, congresses, and conferences.

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