On March 31, 2019, the World Youth Parliament – Philippines had a fruitful Family Dinner with a theme “A Feast For Peace”.

The aim of this event was to raise funds for the Filipino delegates who will be participating this coming July for World Youth Parliament’s International encounter in Salamanca, Spain. The members were able to introduce the significance of WYP in the lives of the young people.

Also, there were some artistic presentations, games and during the family dinner there were quotations from the “Master Builders of Peace” on each table. These quotes were used as the topic of their conversation and reflection while the guests were sitting and eating together.

This experience highlighted the importance of being together because the union of the family signifies unity in the society. Everything was done artistically.

Indeed, each person who attended the event experienced the joy of being “wypiee” and they had meaningful conversations with the new people that they met.