Actividades del PUJ en los distintos países.



This year has been a very special year for all the WYPERS of SOA at the Peter’s and Paul’s Parish in Yaoundé-Cameroon. Our  working sessions where special in that we where Wypers with different nationalities including Chadians, Central –Africans, and Cameroonians. We all gathered to share experience on the exceptional theme of “Peace under construction: making decisions together for a new civilization”. 

What was extraordinary in every encounter was the fact that we were a living testimony of a national, ethnical and cultural diversity group capable of working together, facing each other and taking decisions together. 


We were mostly touched by the points of the manifesto on “Pillars” and “making decisions together”. Given the unstable socio-political situation of our countries marked by crises and violence, our reflexions have been to embrace peace and to construct the peace we want for ourselves and for our fellow future brothers and sisters. 


A Feast for Peace

Being a gift for others