WYP Online meeting in Germany

On Sunday April 5th, we got together for a German WYP meeting online. In fact not only they connected from Germany but also from other European countries like Poland and Hungary. Also, there were some participants that hadn’t taken part before because they live far away from Berlin and Frankfurt/Oder where we usually organise the WYP meetings.

We talked about the topic “Peace and crisis” based on the text of the manifesto “Peace under construction: Taking decisions together”. The participants appreciated the possibility to talk again about this topic in light of the current situation. Some expressed that peace is an inner state and not an external act. They referred themselves among other quotes to Viktor Frankl who said that if you cannot change the situation you have to change yourself.

One participant presented a story about how a flaw can transform a situation in something good and beautiful – transform the tramp into a trampoline. At the end, expressed their gratitude in being able to share their ideas and experiences with other young people. We talked about the debilities and faults and saw that they aren’t problems but subject to transformation. They learnt that the crisis can be an opportunity or a danger, like the Chinese sign for ‘crisis’. It depends on each one of us.

Thanks to the challenge of the new situation, we were able to discover new ways of communication.

This post is also available in Español.