New WYP’s edition: A journey called forgiveness

After presenting “The Magna Charta of Values for a New Civilization,” on August 13, 2010 at the UN headquarters in New York, the World Youth Parliament (WYP) has continued its work going deeper into the different sections of the Magna Charta. In the biennium 2012-2014 we have developed the Chapter VIII on Education. In the international plenary session of the WYP in Berlin on August 13, 2014, the young people presented the Manifesto “Magna Charta of youth in the school of hope”.

After the plenary session a new edition of the WYP has begun, on the topic “Interpersonal relationships: keys for a new civilization”. Since this is a very broad topic that includes fundamental aspects related to the purposes of the WYP, the International Scientific Committee has decided to divide this topic into sub-topics, in order to treat some of these issues separately. The first topic is forgiveness and this edition will be developed until the next international plenary session, to be held in the second week of August 2016.

This workbook aims to be the guide for developing local WYP sessions, in order to facilitate the development, by the various groups, of their contributions to the Manifesto about the topic of forgiveness.

Throughout the document, we will go deeper into the importance of forgiveness for the restoration of interpersonal and social relationships and its role in strengthening the links between people and institutions. The different working sessions will address particular nuances about the process of forgiveness, going from the time the person realizes the need to forgive, in order to have a full life in relation to herself and to others, until the moment of reaping some of its fruit, which are sometimes much greater than expected.

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