WYPers in Germany starting the new journey

On Sunday we met for the start of the new stage WYP 2020-2022, this time we climb to a summit on 😉. This summit means a new form of communication – a new form of expression – freedom of expression. After a short introduction and the introduction to the topics of the Magna Charta, everyone was asked: What do you understand by this? In the word cloud we collected everything about it: Respect, decision, what comes to mind, human rights… This was followed by a short video with exchange and a second round, where everyone was asked to choose a picture and explain what they had experienced personally. At the end we asked again if the exchange changed anything, did I discover something new or did I change my idea? In this round it came out even stronger that “freedom of expression” has a personal and a community dimension. We are looking forward to a new meeting on Saturday, 24.10. at 16 o’clock. We hope to see you again at the next meeting.

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